Necropolis of Mani-aulie

Name of the monument: Necropolis of Mani-aulie

Typological affiliation: sacred object

Dating of the monument: XVII century to

Location of the monument: Irgiz district, 6 km west of the village of Shenbertal.

Historical information:The history of this necropolis is unknown. The necropolis was popularly named after the Mani Aulie Upland. According to legend, the Kalmyks attacked the Kazakh land and, along with all their property, took the beautiful wife of the leader, giving her as a wife to one of their batyrs. She gave birth to a daughter and died 15 years later. Before her death, the mother told her daughter that she was born a Kazakh, and she needed to return to her homeland to her father and people. The mother showed the way and said: “Together with me they brought here a captured boy of 7 years old, he grazes cattle. So now he has grown and matured, he looks like a batyr. Explain everything to him and run together. This is my last wish. ” The girl, deciding to fulfill her mother’s last wish, told the dzhigit everything. The guy says that he has no other dream than returning to his homeland, but there is no possibility. And then one day the girl finds equipment, a horse, and together they run away to their homeland. The chase begins, but no one except the girl’s father can catch up with this horse. Then the girl says to the guy: “You leave, and I will stop my father. Don’t look after. ” Dzhigit still looked after him and saw that the girl aimed an arrow at her father. Then he returned and told her not to kill her father. The girl was very upset and told the guy that now there would be something unkind. Father caught up with his daughter and that now there will be something unkind. Father caught up with his daughter and that now there will be something unkind. Father caught up with his daughter and  cursed her: “so that you cannot get   what you want.” Having got rid of the pursuers, the girl and the horseman decided to stop at this hill, swim in the water. Suddenly the girl screamed: it turned out that a snake had attacked her and was strangling her. The girl managed to tell the dzhigit:   “The curse of the Kalmyks is very strong, it turned out to be true. Now we cannot be together. Bury me here and never use my name. ” Dzhigit fulfills her wish. And whoever asked whose grave it was, he called this place – “mani bar koy” (“makes sense”). Hence the name of the Mani hill. And this horseman turned out to be Janibek batyr.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The width of the walls of the stone fences reaches one meter. Stone fences are different in size. Some fences contain 5-6 graves. There are common types of kulpytas that were established in the 19th century. On some of the gravestones   , only generic marks are carved. Among the signs one can find generic signs of all three zhuzes. According to historical data, the necropolis appeared in the 17th century and was used until the 2nd half of the 19th century.