Russian-Kyrgyz 2-grade school

Form of the monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1883

Location of monument: Aktobe city, Zh. Sherniyaza Str., 59

Historical background: Arseniy Mazohin was the first teacher, graduated Aktobe Russian-Kirghiz 2- class college, opened in 1881 in Burta district, Burta volost. Construction of building for school in fortification of Aktone was completed in 1883. By the beginning of the 1884 school year, the school had been transformed from the village of Burte into the newly built building that has been preserved to this day as the Kazan Teachers’ Seminary, the home of the famous Professor I. Ilminsky. Great work on the development of public education in the region was implemented by Y. Altynsarin, who was appointed as an inspector for supervising schools in 1879. That is why this school is known among the people as the school of Y. Altynsarin.

Description of monument: Single-store building, built from the stone in the form of “P” letter. Nowadays the building is used as the day and night clinic of “Reginal dermato-venereological dispenser”. The wall of the building from fires brick, last years lined with panels for walls. The total area of the building is 988, 5 m2, build-up area is 1500 m2, the number of premises – 59, stores – 2, the security board is installed.