Russian-Kyrgyz 2-grade school

Location: Aktobe, st. Sherniyaz 59. In 1881, a Russian-Kyrgyz 2nd class school was opened in this building, the first educational institution of Aktobe district. In 1883, construction was completed as an educational institution. By the new academic year 1884, the school was transferred from the Burtinskaya grove to a new educational building and has survived to this day. The first teacher Arseny Mazakhim graduated from the Kazan Teachers’ Seminary, a student of the famous professor I. Ilminsky. I. Altynsarin has many merits in the matter of public education in the Aktobe district. In 1879 he was appointed inspector for the control of schools. The building was built in the shape of the letter P. Single-layer, made of stone. Now the building is used as a hospital for the “regional dermatovenerologic dispensary”. Fired brick building wall in recent years, it has been clad with an isovernous panel. The total area of ​​the building is -988.5 m2 , including: construction area – 1500m 2 number of rooms: 59. A security board is installed. The last major overhaul was carried out in 2009-2010.