“Sary ishan aulie” Mosque

Name: “Sary ishan aulie” Mosque

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1880

Location: Aktobe region, Aitekebi district, at the south-western part of Zharotkel village

Description of monument: At present, according to information providers, there are only ruins of the mosque, it was partially indamaged, only prayer-tower where  «azan» is called on. Mosque was built in 1880 by two masters: Kalzhan and Daurenbek from tortkara tribe, subdivisions: akkiiz and andebek. This building was one-storeyed mosque made of mudbrick with  prayer-tower and domes over the premises.

Historical note: According to information providers (in particular, his grandson, Sattarbergen Abdiganiev, born in 1926), his true name is Sary ishan Kozhakhmet. He was born in Kazaly district in 1858. He got religious education in Turkestan, at the mosque of Khodja Akhmed Yasavi. He was sent to these areas after finishing his study, in 1878 – 1880 years where the tortkara tribe gave him a land in Yskol place for possessing farm. The mosque was built in 1880 led by ishan. Sary ishan was imam of the mosque, he was well regarded there. He died in  1933 and was buried in this cemetery. The mosque has been functioning till 1925 – 26 years during the anti-religious struggle. Monument was vruined namely in 1935 -36 years.