Shaken Ishan Mosque

Shaken Ishan Mosque is 27 km away. west of the village of Marzhanbulak, Alga region, on the right bank of the river. Karakhobda, near the northern outskirts of the Sarytogay village. The structure can be seen while driving along the Samara-Shymkent highway. The mosque was built in 1902-1904 by a religious leader from a wealthy family, Shaimerden (Shaken Ishan) Abzhanuly. It is his name that she bears today. The uniqueness of this mosque lies in the fact that masonry is rather rare in Kazakh mosques of that time.

In addition, the building is designed for severe cold, as evidenced by the thickness of the walls of 1 m. During the construction of the mosque, different materials were used: rough hewn stone blocks, pieces of iron ore, adobe, modern bricks. The mosque is one-storied, rectangular in shape, with a 9 m high minaret. Not far from the building there is a stone hearth for the preparation of ritual dishes.