“Shot aulie” burial site

Name: “Shot aulie” burial site

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: XVIII – XIX centuries

Location: Aktobe region, Uil district, in 23 km to the north – west from Saralzhyn village

Description of monument: Kulyptas 1 represent stone stele made of limestone – sandstone. Kulyptas  was installed near the house of the guardian, it was directly driven in soil without a foundation. It was decorated with flat relief carving of plant and geometrical ornament. Kulyptas was topped with large ball shaped cover. Kulyptas is a creation of Kazakh folk  stone-cutting art as well it was material evidence of history  and memorial  – spiritual traditions of Kazakh people.

Historical note: He is from Sadir Kete tribe. Shot Aulie burial is in 13 kilometers from the Saralzhyn rural district, Uil district, on the left banks of the Uil and Kil rivers. Aulie died a little earlier than the time when immigrants from Russia began to arrive in Uil. Upon the local residents moved to another settlement, near the necropolis Shot Aulie, the immigrants from inner Russia began to settle. The number of those who came to the grave of the holy at the cemetery and wished to spend the night was not stopped. There is holy salt on the grave of the holy.