Sulikti cult housing complex

Object name and date: cult-housing complex Sulikti, mid-19th – early 20th centuries.

Location: Aktobe region, Bayganinsky district, 50 km west-south-west from the Aktumsyk aul.

Description: the monument arose in the 40-50s of the XIX century. as a stationary settlement with an accentuated cult function on the paths of autumn-spring migrations of Kazakhs of the Tabyn clan, a branch of Shomyshty. The settlement is a complex of religious, residential, economic and grave structures located in groups at the very edge of the plateau (two small cemeteries and on the neighboring terraces of a gentle descent from it, where the settlement itself is located with a mosque and two cemeteries. The core of the complex is a mosque together with numerous This is a group of interconnected buildings numbering about 20 rooms. To the south of the mosque there is a main cemetery (necropolis). A little north of the mosque complex, the walls of a stone five-chamber dwelling house, as well as the remnants of outbuildings, are preserved. Of particular interest are the grave structures of the Sulikti complex. Along with the usual Tabyn fences made of flagstone, there are many original, artistically designed monuments. A group of characteristic saganatams is distinguished from sawn blocks and shell rock slabs. The area of ​​the complex is 1.0 hectares.