Sundet Mausoleum

Object name and date: Sundet mausoleum, second half of the 19th century.

Location: Aktobe region, Bayganinsky district, 68 km south-west of the village. Zharkamys.

Description: Dome-centric mausoleum, octahedral in plan, with an accentuated south-western edge (parapet and entrance window). The octahedron of the walls of the structure resembles the skeleton of a yurt, on which a dome rests on a cylindrical drum. The walls are laid out on a stepped block plinth and, in terms of construction, consists of two layers of facing from slabs of limestone-sandstone and a layer of backfill from broken limestone and earth. In the interior, the octahedron of the walls is brought into a circle by means of eight trumpets, on which the false-vaulted dome of the monument is based. Outside, in the faces of the mausoleum, shallow square niches are arranged, the plane is covered with a contour ornament. The frieze of the parapet of the southwestern fa├žade is covered with a flat-relief ornament based on the tuyetaban (camel’s footprint) motif. The design of the entrance window in the form of descending curtains is interesting. In the interior of each facet there are two niches, separated by shoulder blades. Their planes are covered with painted contour ornament. Here, at the northeastern edge, there is a “Koytas” type tombstone, and a kulpytas-type tombstone on the eastern edge.

Apart from the mausoleum, on the territory of the monument there is one sandyktas, about 20 adobe and stone grave fences and six kulpytas.