Temir Mosque

The mosque was built in 1905 with the sponsorship of the Orenburg merchant Mazhit Batkululy in the city of Temir. However, local biys, volosts do not give rest to the merchant. As a result, he is looking for a new imam. The religious educator Ahmet Khalfa becomes the Imam. Akhmet graduated from madrasah in Kazan, Ufa and received the high title of Khalfa. He was a delegate to the 1926 Muslim Congress in Ufa. Ahmet Khalfa was the chairman of the religious administration of the Alash Horde government in the west of the country. In 1937, together with Akhmet Baitursynov, Mustafa Shokai, Sagidolla Iztleuov, he was accused of spreading religion and sentenced to death.

Rectangular in plan (10×22 m) two-storey building. The walls of the mosque are made of processed concrete blocks of brown stone on clay mortar. Above the northern fa├žade, there is an 8-sided minaret with a wooden tent covered with sheet metal and completed by a cube with a crescent moon. A doorway to the building is arranged on the same facade. The interior of the building is three-part in plan, divided into groups of three transverse rooms. Inside there are three service rooms, a central two-story room for performing namaz and an entrance door.