“Toka Samet” Mausoleum

Name: “Toka Samet” Mausoleum

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1998 – 1999 years

Location: It is located in 13 km to the south from Zhaisanbay village, Irgiz district

Description of monument: Mausoleum (Nazymuly) was erected over the  burial site of Samet batyr, at the top of the mount, in 1 – 1,5 km from the place called as «Darmen», in 13 km  from Zhaisanbay village, Irgiz district. Mausoleum performed in combination of white and yellow bricks has 1 door and 5 windows built in the shape of arch. The upper part of the mausoleum was topped with sphere dome. There is an inscription: «Тоқа – Сәмет Назымұлы 1744 – 1844 Руы Шөмекейдің Бескем Тоқасы. Ұрпақтарынан 1998 – 1999» on the granite grave-stone installed near the mausoleum. Areas are surrounded with iron fence. Total height of mausoleum is 9 meters.

Historical note: Samet batyr (1744 – 1839) was one of the joined to the armed unit of Zhankoja batyr. He was famous among the Younger and Middle zhuzes, manifested himself in the XIX century in the struggle against native policy of Russian empire. He is one of those who argued against erecting the reinforcement along Or, Irgiz and Syrdariya rivers. He resisted  forcible liquidation of folk traditions and religion. Name and activity of batyr were preserved in songs and legends of Syrdariya zhirshy.