Ulken Zhybysky cult-housing complex

Object name and date: cult dwelling complex Ulken Zhybysky. XIX – early XX centuries.

Location: Aktobe region, Bayganinsky district, 22.5 km east-north-east of the village. Aktumsyk.

Description: the complex is located on the slopes of a deep sai and consists of a mosque, remains of dwellings on its right side, and a large necropolis on the left side. The overwhelming majority of structures are composed of blocks and slabs of red sandstone. The dominant role is played by the necropolis, which consists mainly of cyclopean enclosures. In addition, there are adobe enclosures, saganatam, and a mausoleum. Stone-cut monuments of beyit (kulpytasy, sandyktasy) are distinguished by their expressiveness and archaism of appearance.