“Uzak – tamy” Mausoleum

Name: “Uzak – tamy” Mausoleum

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Дата памятника: XIX

Место расположения: Aktobe region, Aitekebi district, in 47 km, 73 meters to the south-east from Tolybay village

Description of monument: Monument is located on the hill near the triangulation station. Monument is right angled in plan and laid of mudbrick. Covering was not preserved; according to informers it was from Shieli village, although it is doubtful due to the significant  aperture and absence of relevant slopes, their remains in the interior. The length of mausoleum is  5,50 meters, width is 6 meters, preserved height is 1,70 meters.

Historical note: Mausoleum was observed in 1998 during the frontal ethno-cultural expedition to study monuments of Northern Aral Sea region under the leadership S.I.Azhigali.