Monument to Edige bi

Type of monument: Monumental art structure

Date of monument: 2020

Location: Aktobe, city, intersection of Edige batyr avenue and S.Bayishev street

Historical information: Edige batyr is a historical figure who lived in 1356-1419, the name of Edige batyr was widely known throughout the world, in the West as well as in the East. He was a farsighted politician, who restored the Golden Horde, which Aksak Temir had ruined three times. Meanwhile, he is known to the entire Kazakh people through the epos “Edige batyr”. There are more than fifty versions of this epos. Edige is a world-famous historical figure.

Monument description: The monument, cast in bronze, depicts Edige in a richly-cut dressing of Kazakh beis and wearing a helmet, with his left hand raised high. The height of the monument is 4.5 meters, the pedestal is 4 meters high. The pedestal is coated with red granite.

Sculptor: Zh.Zhubankosov.