“Nurpeis Khazret” Mosque

Type of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: 1905

Location: Aktobe region, Kargaly district, Karabutak village

Investigations: one can obtain information about activities of Nurpeis Khazret and the mosque  from «Aktobe encyclopedia», from book «Abay ainasy» of Dukenbai Doszhanov, 1994 and from «Ana tili» newspaper, 2011.

Overview: Nurpeis Khazret – is a famous theologian, public figure, scientist, who has mastered Persian and Arabic languages along with religious literacy. Previously, the mosque building was a two-story building. There was a large hall for praying on the first floor, hall and extra room. There was a madrassa for children and storage of holy books on the second floor. The builder of this mosque is unknown.

This mosque was a club during the Soviet era. Later it was a school and school sport hall. Currently, paint and varnish coating of two-story sport hall was kept.

Legend: Nurpeis Baygarauly was born in area of Tomarotkel, Karatobe in Chingirlau district of the Western Kazakhstan. The famous scientist lived in 1817-1880 years. In childhood, he studied in madrassa «Kogiltash» in Bukhara for 6 years upon gaining knowledge from a village Mulla. Later he studied in Arab city Sham for 4 years, he returned to his homeland as well-educated. He went to a tsar in Petersburg after returning to his homeland.The tsaradvised Nurpeis Khazret to propagate Islamic religion and to build several mosques on the banks of rivers: Zhaiyk, Ilek, Or and Kargala. Nurpeis had a royal decree «To create conditions for building the mosque». Nurpeis Khazret started work on building the mosque after having settled in the village of Karabutak. Needed equipment for construction was delivered from Bashkortostan  by communicating with people. This mosque was located on the other side of Karabutak river. A new mosque was built in the center of the village in 1905 by order of Safa Ishan due to the difficulty of visiting the mosque  under adverse conditions. Safa Ishan is the eldest son of Nurpeis Khazret. Nurpeis Khazret is a contemporary of Kunanbay kazhy.