The grave of honorable millet man Sh. Bersiev and memorial «Glory Tower»

Form of monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1944

Location: Aktobe oblast, Uil region, rural district named after Sh. Bersiev, Karasu village graveyard

Historical background: Shyganak Bersiev was born in 1881 in the village of Ashyoiyl, Uil region of Aktobe oblast. Famous farmer, «the grandfather of white millet», who became a world record holder in the cultivation of millet.

Brief description: The grave of Sh. Bersiev was built of adobe bricks and plastered with cement grout. The inscription on the left side of the plaque, cast in bronze, states: «Shaganak Bersiev is a prominent millet man». The grave is fenced by a brick brick fence. The obelisk is placed in the northwest part of it. The whole complex is fenced in with a metal fence.

A mausoleum, built in honour of Sh. Bersiev, is located next to the grave at the graveyard. This mausoleum, similar to the Kazakh house in its appearance, is built of fired bricks and has a rounded shape. It was built in 1947.

Architect T. Basenov