“Aldiyar tamy” mausoleum

Name: “Aldiyar tamy” mausoleum

Type of monument: City planning and architecture

Date of monument: the lateXIX century

Location: Aktobe region, Mugalzhar district, 3 km to the north from Sabyndykol village

Description of monument: Monument is located in 3 km to the north from Sabyndykol village. Walls of the octangular, domal grave were laid out from hard-burned and sun-dried brick. Upper part of the burial chamber is a circle in form of star, there is an octangular top of ball-shaped dome over it. The height of mausoleum is 4,1 m., distance between exterior walls is 6,5 m.

Historical note: Monument was firstly examined by Aktobe architecture-art surveying company of Social service centre of protecting monuments of history and culture of Kazakh SSR in 1984 (led by: S. Adzhigaliev)

Mausoleum was built at the late XIX century.