“Baigabyl-tamy” Mausoleum

Name: “Baigabyl-tamy” Mausoleum

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: Beginning ofХХ century

Location: Aktobe region, Irgiz district, 25 km to the west – north-west from village Irgiz.

Description of monument: Baigabyl-tamy – is a monument of architecture of the beginning of  ХХ century. It is located in 25 km to north-west from inhabited locality Irgiz. Baigabyl-tamy – area of 3,6×3,7 meters, height is 7,4 m, octagonal building of portal-dome form. Entrance arch  faces to the south. Building was erected from mudbrick. Exterior part is covered with burnt brick with dimensions of 8x17x23 and 8x18x33 cm.

Historical note: In 1983 it was investigated by expedition of the society of protecting monuments of history and culture  (leader: S.I. Azhigaliev).

He was famous among Irgiz-Turgai region, a reputable bai among people, he was a volost leader of Kyzylzhar volost consisting of ten villages. For purposes of architecture design the monument belongs to the last stage of the architectural style which was prosperous within the area of Aral sea. Up to now it is called as ” Baigabyl-tamy “.