Bisen Khazret Mosque

Name of the monument: Bisen Khazret Mosque

Typological affiliation: sacred object

Dating of the monument: late 19th century – early 20th century

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Khobdinsky district, Zhamankol village.

Historical information: Bisen Khazret was born in 1878 near the village of Zharyk, Khobdinsky district of Aktobe region, in the Zhamankol area. He is from the Zhetyru-Tabyn clan. At the age of 15, Abdollah’s father sends his son Bisen to study at one of the famous madrasahs in Bukhara. The naturally capable student continues his studies in Istanbul. For three years he studies in Bukhara, five years in Istanbul, and returns to his homeland as a great learned theologian.

In 1928, during collectivization, his property was to be confiscated. However, at night he is warned by a relative of the 25-year-old secretary of the village council Sultan Bimagambetov: “tomorrow you should be sent into exile and your property should be confiscated. The order has come, you need to run. ” On the same night he moved with a small belongings to Bashkortostan to Sakmara. In 1969, at the age of 91, this religious leader passed away, according to his will he was buried near the holy Birmagambet Koshimkulu in the Qumsay rural district.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The width of the mosque is 8 m, the length is 15 m, and the height is 3 m. The foundation of the mosque is made of natural flagstone, the walls are erected from clay. The building has 10 windows, 1 large door. Consists of 2 rooms: a large prayer hall and an entrance hall. The mosque is located in the Kobdinsky district, in the village of Zharyk. The doors, windows and tin roof were removed.