Bopai Cemetery

Type of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: Middle of ХІХ century

Location: Aktobe region, Aitekebi district, 15 km south-west of Akkol village

Research: Brief information about Bopai tomb is contained in S.Azhigali’s monograph “Nomadic architecture – phenomenon of Eurasian history and culture”.

Brief description: Tomb to Bopai is a rectangular structure (dimensions 3,30×5,40 m). On the southern end side there are traces of the entrance aperture. The walls of the tomb were made of mud bricks. At the present time the walls are heavily ruined.

Legend: Bopai is the daughter of Kasym Khan, one of the leaders of the national liberation movement of the Kazakh people in 1837-1847, the sister of the last famous Kazakh khan Kenesary.

According to local old-timers, Bopai was the second wife of Tleu batyr of the Tortkar family clan of the Tokpan subgenus in Shoban partition.