Botakoz Mausoleum

Name of the monument: Botakoz Mausoleum

Typological affiliation : sacred object

Dating of the monument: 2005.

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Uilsky district, 23 km north-west of the village of Kemer.

Historical information : Daughter of Tama Eset Kokyuly batyr, daughter-in-law Azhibay biya Botagoz is one of the heroines who defended the country from enemy invasions (1719-1747). Among the forty auls of the Tama Zhetyru clan in the Sam sands on Ustyurt was the aul Eset batyr. At the invitation of Abilkayir khan, Eset batyr leaves for Orenburg. There, at the khan’s council, it was planned to consider how to protect the country from the Dzungarian invasion.   Having learned that there was no batyr, the enemies attacked at night and began to steal cattle. At this moment Botagoz, dressed as a man and having gathered men from among the cattlemen and grooms, attacks the Kalmyks. The Botagoz group surrounds the enemy and personally the batyr Kondy. When the Kazakhs surrounded the batyr Kondy, the horseman on a gray horse deftly throws a lasso around the batyr’s neck and pulls him off the horse. And he dies. Dzhigits also deal with all enemies. So, the batyr that killed Kondy turned out to be Botagoz. According to historical data, Azhibai bi from the Akkete clan married the daughter of Eset batyr by marrying his son Barsai to Botagoz.

Azhibai biy had 6 sons. He gave each of them the opportunity to lead the nomad, but none of them could do it right, the overnight stay was unsuccessful. And therefore, being disappointed in them, Azhibai bi gave the opportunity to lead the Botagoz nomad.   In 1747, spring and summer were dry, people and animals suffered without water. On the way they passed Kulshygai and stopped to rest. Botagoz was called to his father-in-law.

Father-in-law told Botagoz: “You have chosen the right place to sleep, thank you, but people cannot find drinking water, just indicate the place for the well”. Botagoz took Sadyk and the girls with it and went out to look for water. Looking around, she finds a place near a ravine where reeds grew. Reeds usually grow near water, so by pulling the reeds, she found water.   Already at a shallow depth, clear water appeared. This is how people found water, and this place in history began to be called the Botagoz spring.

However, here Botagoz suffers a sudden illness and soon dies. The Botagoz mausoleum is a monument to the love of a simple Kazakh girl for her homeland, a symbol of her purity, beauty, a work of national architecture.

Description and characteristics of the monument : The Botagoz Mausoleum was built in 2005. It is located on the Bukirtumsyk hill near the Konyrsay ravine, 23 km from the village of Kemer. The domed mausoleum is 5×5 meters in size and 11 meters high.