City mosque

Form of monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1908

Location of monument: Aktobe city, Sh. Berseyev Str., 22

Historical background: The mosque was built with the voluntary funds of representatives of the Aktobe Muslim communities, wealthy Kazakhs and Tatar merchants; the foundation for this building was laid around 1903, and in 1908 the construction work was fully completed and commissioned as a religious medrese. The first head imam of the mosque was Ibatulla Mazhitovich.  In 1929, the Mosque was closed, and in 1932 the building was given to the regional printing house. The stone wall and other constructions of the mosque have been dismantled during the war and used for the construction of «Rentgenzavod» and «Selmash»  workshops.  In 1991, at the request of Muslims, the Akimat of Aktobe Oblast restored the mosque’s status.

Description of monument: The mosque building is two-storied, rectangular in plan (9.67m x 21.40m), and has a height of 6.7m. The walls of the building are made of stone blocks in combination with fired brick. The monument refers to the widespread type of late minaret mosques of longitudinal-axial construction on the territory of Aktobe oblast. On the northern front an 8-sided, domed tower with an iron roof (total height – 20.5 m) rises. A mihrab apse is located on the opposite side of the front. The planes of the two-storey walls are partitioned with exhedra, windows, pilaster-strip and door openings.

The building of the mosque was completely reconstructed and renovated for its 110th anniversary in 2013.