Grave of B. Karataev, member of the military-revolutionary committee for the administration of the Kyrgyz Territory

Karataev also took part in the II All-Kazakhstan Congress of Soviets as a delegate. After retirement, he moved to the relatives of Aktobe. In 1922-1925 he worked as a member of the Aktobe provincial judicial board. In the last years of his life he was engaged in writing the history of the Civil War in Western Kazakhstan. At the end of August 1934 he died in Aktobe after a long illness. During the years of totalitarianism, there was no opportunity to speak freely from a grand rostrum about so many deserved sons of their people. This error should now be fixed. The name of Bakhytzhan Bisalyevich Karataev in honor of statesmen who have contributed to the development and prosperity of Kazakhstan, in honor of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan will always be celebrated, his vivid image will be preserved in the memory of the people.