House of the merchant Krasavin

The name of the monument: “House of the merchant Krasavin”.

Typological affiliation : Urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: XIX century .

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Uilsky district , Sherniyaz street, 26 Kazakh secondary boarding school named after Zh. Zhusibalieva  

Historical information : The building was built by the British at the end of the 19th century from red brick. At one time it was the home of a wealthy merchant in the Uilsky region. One-storey red brick house. Currently he works as a boarding school at KSU “School-gymnasium named after Sh. Bekmukhambetov of the Uilsky district department of education, physical culture and sports”. Since 2013 it has been under state protection.                                                                  

Description of the monument: Rectangular U-shaped. Length: 20 m, width: 15 m, height: 8.50 m. The foot of the building is made of quarry stone, the exterior is decorated with red brick stone. The rich merchant Krasavin lived in this house. At the back of the storage shed is a rectangular red brick built. Wall thickness 80 cm. Length: 10m, width: 7m. height: 5.50 m. The doors are fitted with metal doors. The windows are wooden. The roof is covered with an envelope type, the gutters are fixed behind the corners of the walls. The front door is located on the street side at a height of 1 m from the ground. Building color is red. In 2016, a major overhaul of the roof, door-windows was carried out, the outer surface was covered with a sheet, the front part was painted with red paint.