The house of merchant Krasavin

Form of monument: Urban planning and architecture 

Date of monument: ХІХ century

Location of monument: Uil region, Uil village, Sherniyaza Zharylgasuly Str. 26, Kazakh secondary residential school named after Zh. Zhusibaliev

Historical background: The building was built by Enlishmen at the end of ХІХ century from red brick. A while ago was the house of rich merchant in Uil territory. One-storied house made of red bricks. Nowadays, the function of it is the residential institution under the Municipal institution guimnasium school named after Sh. Bekmuhambetova of Uil Local Education Authority, physical training and sports.

Description of the monument: It has the U-shaped form in the plan. The length – 20 m., width – 15 m, height – 8,5 m. The outside pattern of building is decorated with red brick stone. At the back of the plan of square form the warehouse premises,  sheds built from red bricks.