“Karabas – aulie” cemetery

Name: “Karabas – aulie” cemetery, fence with kulyptas

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: II half of XIX century

Location: Aktobe region, Aiteke bi district, 4 km to the west from village Sarbulak

Description of monument: The graveside structure consisting of oval concerning fence,  slabs of sandstone, chamber of which is filled with slabs and stele-kulyptas installed at its northern and western wall. The fencelet was stretched along  the axis of the north – east – south – west, it was laid with dry masonry. Kulyptas was carved from entire limestone – sandstone and  it represents right angled column with half-round perfection in section (11 x 25 cm). Face side is northern-western edge, where the flat relief Arabic epigraphy was carved in four lines. Simple decorative arrangements: volute and palmette were installed in the lower and upper part from it. There is a right angled relief frame in the base of the latter. Cut in epigraphy is located from up to down one way at the southern-western edge of the body, probably it has religious content. Fencelet sizes in plan are – 2,00 x 2,75 meters; height is 0,55 meters; height of kulyptas is 0,85 meters.

Historical note: Karabas Kosheiuly is a hero of people. He lived by the Turgai riverbank in XVIII century. He is from Shakshak tribe of the younger Argyn. The hero was holy with view.