“Kartabay – tamy” Mausoleum

Name: “Kartabay – tamy” Mausoleum

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: Middle of the ХІХcentury

Location: Aktobe region, Aitekebi district, 10 km to the west from village Akkol

Description of monument: Portal – domical mudbrick mausoleum of «Uitam» type with specific entrance part in form of the tambour with turning bend from southern-western part of the structure. Base volume of the monument is circled in plan (outside diameter is 7,50 meters), initially it was covered with improper arched dome. There are six short deep exedra with arch perfection, one of which represents entrance opening from tambour. The latter represents right angled in plan room that is initially covered with air dome. The structure was built using mudbrick with hardly stable sizes (mainly 9 – 10 x 20 – 22 x 34 – 36 cm) using clay mortar. Remains of plaster with which the whole interior surface was covered were saved in some places of chamber. The most preserved height is 2,60 meters.

Historical note: One of the typical samples of Kazakh mudbrick mausoleum  of «Uitam» type. Monument was examined by the Western-Kazakhstan ethnographic expedition of Ch.Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology, Kaz SSR Academy of sciences in 1987 (leader: S.I. Adzhigaliev).