Mausoleum of Arystan batyr Tinaliuly

The grave of the national hero and valiant warrior Arystan Tnaliuly is located 16 km south of Shalkar, in the Akshi area, on the territory of the necropolis that bears his name. When examining the burial place of Arystan batyr, it turned out that the mausoleum was 9 meters long and 5 meters wide. The mausoleum was built of baked bricks, had a large dome and consisted of two rooms. In 2005, the domed mausoleum of the batyr was restored.

Arystan batyr Tnaliuly – who lived in the XVIII-XIX centuries, the grand-nephew of Kotibar Basenuly, his associate and adviser, one of the activists of the participants in the liberation uprising, recognized by the Russian government as a “steppe knight”.

Narratives and historical documents prove that Arystan participated and played a big role in the liberation of the Kazakh people. Arystan, together with his brother Kotibar, several times turned to the tsarist government with a request to solve the problem of building military fortifications on the territory of Western Kazakhstan and alienating pastures from the people. Unable to solve this problem, Arystan, together with his uncle Kotibar, revolts. They raid the Russian-Cossack fortifications located along the Ural, Ori and Zhem rivers.

According to archival data, Kotibar and Arystan in the summer of 1787, with a detachment of more than 800 people, joined the movement of Syrym Datov, participating in the uprising to the end. According to the report given to the government authorities by the Ural ataman, Major General D. Donskoy, on March 31, 1797, Arystan batyr was among those 100 Shekti clan warriors who defeated the Horde and killed Yesim Khan in the Urals.

At one time, Arystan batyr took an active part in the political life of the Kazakh people. He made changes to the system of government of Aryngazy Khan. He tried to fairly resolve disputes about the land, forbade barymtu, theft. He was the initiator of resolving the differences of the people peacefully. Arystan batyr had a powerful physique. According to the legend from the words of the elders, when Arystan batyr on a horse pulled the bowstring, his right leg touched the ground.