Mausoleum of Burshakbai-tama

Type of monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1867

Location: Aitekebi district, 5 km north-north-east of Karabutak village

Historical information: Burshakbai tamy is a monument of the second half of ХІХ century, which shows the features of Kazakh residential construction, preserving traces of stone art and epigraphy. On the kulpytas gravestone placed in front of the mausoleum it is written that a representative of the Tortkara family clan, Kulaman, son of Aidarlybai Burshakbai, who died at the age of 34, is buried here.

Monument description: The mausoleum is a four-sided pyramidal building with a dome. The maximum height of the preserved part is 5.20 m. Inside the mausoleum the remains of a saganat gravestone stretched from west to east have been preserved.