Mausoleum of Kali (Kart) -tama

Type of monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: Late XIX century – early XX century

Location: Aitekebi district, 20 km east of Taldyk village

Historical information: The mausoleum Kali Kart is a unique example of the steppe architecture of the Northern Pre-Aral.

The monument was researched in 1990 by the research expedition of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR “Kazrestavratsiya”. Data on the history of construction of the mausoleum is unknown.

Monument description: The mausoleum was built of burnt and raw bricks, plastered with clay mixed with chalk. The anteroom was domed and the dome of the central room is wedge-shaped. The trapezoidal dome of mausoleum is faced with bricks from outside.

The height of the mausoleum – 6,50 meters, distance between the opposite hexagonal walls – 9,0 meters, length of the anteroom (according to external dimensions) – 12,0 m.