Monument-bust of A. Biekenov

Happiness works for the good of the country and not everyone is given to be the chosen one of the people. Among such rare personalities, the name of the famous public figure Abidolla Biekenov, who was the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Kazakh SSR at the age of only 35, was named. The 100th anniversary of the birth of a noble citizen, for its short life, like a comet flight, serving the needs of the people and for the future of the country, has been beautifully marked on the native Aktobe land. This event, organized by the regional court, gathered a lot of people, including the descendants of the hero of the day, people who knew him personally. In the beginning, in front of the memorial sculpture of Abidolla Biekenov, in front of the regional court, there was an organized rally in memory. Akim of Aktobe Nurmukhambet Abdibekov opened the meeting with a short opening speech. Evidence of the immeasurable attention of Aktobe residents to him, is the construction of the sculpture before the regional court and the fact that one of the streets in the city of Shalkar is named after him. Akimat of the city, law enforcement agencies, universities, institutions laid flowers at the monument. Then there was a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Abidolla Biekenov, a presentation of the book “Young Life”.