Monument-bust of Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut V.I. Patsaeva

The monument-bust in honor of V.I.Patsaev is an architectural and sculptural composition in the form of a trapezoidal granite stepped stylobad, in the center of which there is a pentahedral stele of red polished granite 4 meters high. It is crowned with a two-meter bronze bust of the Hero. The text of the memorial plaque: “Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Ivanovich Patsaev”

Viktor Ivanovich Patsaev – pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union. The first astronomer in the world to work outside the earth’s atmosphere. Died tragically during the depressurization of the descent vehicle during the landing of Soyuz-11.

Victor Patsaev was born on June 19, 1933 in the city of Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan. At the age of 6 I went to school. I graduated from the first class with a letter of commendation. When the war began, his father, Ivan Panteleevich, volunteered for the front and died in October 1941 in battles near Moscow. Mother, Maria Sergeevna, raised two children and worked: she unloaded trains with the wounded, led the commission for collecting and sending warm clothes to the front, donated her savings to build a tank column – 12 thousand rubles.

Since 1946, Victor lived and studied in the city of Nesterov, Kaliningrad Region. Then he entered the Penza Industrial Institute. During his studies he was engaged in fencing, regularly participated in scientific and technical conferences, wrote articles for the regional newspaper “Young Leninist”. In June 1955 he defended his thesis project on the topic “Development of a harmonic analyzer of functions”. By assignment he was sent to the Central Aerological Observatory of the USSR Hydrometeorological Service. A year later, he became a senior engineer in the upper atmosphere research department. Developed a number of aerological instruments. While working at the observatory, he studied at the flying club. In 1958 he went to work at the S.P. Queen. He successfully passed the candidate minimum and entered graduate school. In 1968 he was enlisted in the cosmonaut corps. Member of the CPSU since 1968.

On June 6-30, 1971, he completed a space flight on the Soyuz-11 Salyut complex as a test engineer. On June 7 at 10.45, he was the first to board the Salyut orbital station. During the 23-day flight, Viktor Patsaev carried out a complex of comprehensive checks of various on-board systems of the station, carried out numerous scientific experiments and research: high-frequency electronic resonance at transmitting radio antennas, research in the field of low-temperature plasma, spectrography of the Beta Centauri star using the Orion orbital observatory, the atmosphere by spectrographing the daytime and twilight horizons, studying the polarization of sunlight, lighting effects during the operation of control motors, the effect of the environment on the optical surface of windows with various coatings, cultivation in weightlessness of Khibiny cabbage, flax and lukakrepsis. The results of his work played an important role in the development of manned space flight technology. In total he spent 568 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds in space.

On June 30, 1971, when returning to the ground, the descent vehicle depressurized. When the search group opened the hatch of the descent vehicle, they found the cosmonauts sitting motionless in their workplaces. All resuscitation measures were unsuccessful. The ship’s crew was killed. Buried on Red Square in the Kremlin Wall.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 30, 1971, for courage and heroism shown in space flight, Viktor Ivanovich Patsaev was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, medals.

A crater on the Moon and a minor planet 1791 Patsayev, streets in Aktyubinsk, Kaluga and avenue in Dolgoprudny are named after him. A memorial plaque was installed on the street named after him in Kaluga, and a memorial plaque was installed in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow region.