Monument-bust of Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut V.I. Patsaeva

Form of the monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 1976

Location of monument: Aktobe city, Abilkhair khan Avenue

Historical background: Victor Patsaev – Aktobe pilot astronaut, the Hero of the Soviet Union. He was born on June 19, 1933 in Aktobe city.

On June 6, 1971, V. Patsaev as a test pilot on the Soyuz-11 spacecraft, flew into space together with G.T. Dobrovolsky and V.N. Volkov.

Description of monument: Monumental sculpture represents the architectural composition consisting from trapezoidal stepped stylobate. Pentahedral Stella is located in the center, built from red granite with the height of 4 meters. The monument representing the two-meter hero’s figure, skyward to the sky is installed on Stella.

There is an epigraph on the postament: «Vicktor Ivanovich Patsaev, pilot astronaut, the Hero of the Soviet Union».

The object is included to the State register of historical and cultural monuments of republican value.

Sculptor: Y. A. Tur, architect: А. А. Zavarzin.