Monument-bust of the Hero of the Soviet Union A.Moldagulova

Sniper of the 54th separate rifle brigade of the 22nd army of the 2nd Baltic front, corporal. Hero of the Soviet Union. Aliya Moldagulova was born on October 25, 1925 in the Bulak village of the Khobdinsky district of the Aktobe region. She lost her parents as a child. The girl’s mother probably died during the illegal harvesting of grains on a collective farm field during a famine, since her father did not live with his family and was possibly persecuted by the authorities as a descendant of a bai, but nevertheless he was not arrested and was not imprisoned. From the age of eight, Aliya lived in Alma-Ata in the family of her uncle Aubakir Moldagulov. In 1935, Uncle Aubakir entered the Military Transport Academy. The Moldagulov family moved with Aliya to Moscow. A few years later they moved to Leningrad, where the academy was transferred. In the fall of 1939, for family reasons, the uncle placed 14-year-old Aliya in orphanage No. 46. All pupils of this orphanage studied at the Leningrad school number 9 (now number 140). In June 1941, with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the uncle’s family was evacuated, and Aliya remained in Leningrad. On September 8, 1941, the blockade of Leningrad began. In March 1942, together with an orphanage, she was taken from besieged Leningrad to the village of Vyatskoye, Yaroslavl Region. After graduating from the 7th grade of the Vyatka secondary school, Aliya entered the Rybinsk Aviation Technical School on October 1, 1942, but three months later applied to the Red Army with a request to send her to the front. On December 21, 1942, Aliya Moldagulova was officially expelled from the students of the technical school in connection with her departure to the front. In May 1943, the Central Women’s School of Sniper Training was established in Moscow. Aliya Moldagulova was assigned to the first set. On February 23, 1943, female cadets took the military oath. In July 1943, Alia, along with several of her fellow students, was sent by a sniper to the 54th Rifle Brigade (22nd Army, 2nd Baltic Front). During his military service, Aliya recorded the following incident. Five German soldiers, noticing several female snipers walking in their direction on the no-man’s land, set up an ambush. However, Aliya managed to shoot the first, two more were killed by snipers Zina and Nadia, the remaining two enemy soldiers were escorted by the girls to the command post. On its official account 78 killed enemy soldiers and officers. She was mortally wounded and died in battle on January 14, 1944 north of Novosokolniki; being wounded in the arm by a mine fragment, she participated in hand-to-hand combat with German soldiers, was wounded a second time by a German officer, who was also destroyed, the second wound was fatal. Before her death, Aliya wrote a letter to her half-sister Sapura. On June 4, 1944, Aliya Nurmukhambetovna Moldagulova was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. She was also awarded the Order of Lenin.