Monument-bust of U. Zh. Kulymbetova

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 2017

Location: Aktobe city, on the territory of secondary school № 64 of Batys-2 district

Historical background: Uzakbay Kulymbetov was a public figure, born on March 18, 1891 in Irgiz region. He was born in a difficult historical period and passed the way from a common countryside teacher to the chairman of the Kazakh government.

In 1937 he was innocently repressed, shot at the age of 47 as an «enemy of the people».

Description of the monument: The bust of U. Kulymbetov is cast in bronze, the height is 80.7 cm. The pedestal is made of solid granite, the height is 1.8 m, the width is 60 cm.

Sculptor: E. Sergebaev.