Monument – obelisk for Steelworkers

Name: Monument – obelisk for Steelworkers

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument:

Location: Aktobe region, Khromtau district, Khromtau city, Abay avenue

Description of monument: Monumental iron obelisk in Khromtau city, in Abay avenue is devoted to steelworkers mining the ore. Monument design describes a moment when three steelworkers were melting the metal. A sculpture of steelworkers was done full size. A pedestal was made of concrete and covered with granite slabs, length is 5,180 meters, width – 5,830 meters, height is 3 meters. Total height of the monument is 15,100 meters.

Sculptors: Ya.N. Kupreyanov, I.K. Machkevsky. Consultants: V.A. Fetisov, Yu.G. Kapinosov.

Historical note: Metallurgy is a field of science and engineering covering the processes of producing metal from the ores or other types of raw materials as well as processes related to changes of chemical composition, structure and properties of metal alloy and production of various metal products.