Monument-obelisk to the soldiers-internationalists

Type of monument: Monumental art structure

Date of monument: 200

Location: Aktobe city, intersection of Esset batyr street and Abai avenue

Historical information: By decision of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1979 the USSR troops crossed the border of Afghanistan, where the hostilities lasted until February 15, 1989. Twenty-two thousand Kazakhstan citizens took part in them. In the Afghan war, which lasted 2238 days, 924 fellow countrymen were killed, 1015 soldiers became disabled and 21 missing. 14,453 people died on Afghan land. Among the military population, natives of Kazakh steppes, 86 soldiers were awarded as Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Monument description: Memorial sign, established to the soldiers-internationalists is a monument in the form of kulpytas gravestone with a gap in the middle (size 50×60 cm.) and an image of five-pointed star on top enclosed in a circle. At the bottom of the two separated parts of the kulpytas gravestone there is a flower cast in bronze. The inscription “Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers-internationalists” on the front side of the stylobate.

Sculptor: Zh.Kenbai.