Monument-obelisk to the soldiers-internationalists

The monument – a symbol to the soldiers of the internationalists, was installed in Aktobe 2007 at the intersection of st. Eset batyr and Abai ave. They were young. And they served without a bag in the ranks of the Soviet Army. On December 25, 1979, without taking into account the opinion of the people, the Soviet troops crossed the border of Afghanistan, where military operations were conducted until February 15, 1989. It was attended by 22 thousand Kazakhstanis. The last 2238 days in hostilities in Afghanistan killed 924 fellow countrymen, 1015 soldiers were left disabled and 21 people were missing. 14,453 people were martyrs in the Afghan wastelands. Among the servicemen who departed from the Kazakh steppe, 86 soldiers became the Hero of the Soviet Union. The monument is a symbol of the soldiers-internationalists, at the top of which there is a five-pointed star, in the center of the tombstones made of solid pink granite, broken into two with dimensions – 0.5 mx 1.6 m,