Monument-obelisk “Tuyetube” to the victims of political repression in 1930-1950

The monument is located 6.5 km east of the village of Prigorodnoye. The monument stands on a pedestal, it is a natural stone with the inscription “Let us honor the memory of the innocent victims”, “To the victims of repression of the 30-50s from grateful descendants. Your death is innocent, your memory is eternal ”.

According to historians, in the 30s more than 8 thousand people were subjected to repression in the Aktobe region, of which more than 2 thousand people were sentenced to death. The fact that they were shot and buried, and some bodies were simply thrown into the pits around Tuyetobe, became known only in 1987. The burial place was discovered by the archaeological detachment of the Faculty of History of the Pedagogical Institute under the leadership of Sergei Gutsalov during excavation of graves along the Zhaman Kargala River. During the spring floods, human bones were found at the bottom of the pits. There were bullet marks on the backs of all the skulls.

One of the three tragic periods of the Kazakh people is the 30-50s. The people, having only survived the years of famine, fell under the millstones of repression. Therefore, this monument is of particular importance for the descendants of an independent country.

Every year on May 31 on Mount Tuyetobe, at the burial site, Aktobe residents gather to honor the monument to the victims and read prayers.