Monument to Bokenbai Batyr

Name of the monument: Monument to Bokenbai Batyr.

Typological affiliation: construction of monumental art .

Dating of the monument: 2019.

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Aktobe, st. Bokenbai batyr.

Historical information: Bukenbai batyr was born in about 1667 on the territory of Martuk, Kobdinsky districts of Aktobe region. In 1710, at the Karakum kurultai, he was elected commander-in-chief, in 1726-1729 he led an army and fought selflessly against the Dzungars in such battles as Bulanty, Anyrakai, Kalmykkyrylgan. In 1742, in the struggle for the freedom of the country, in the battle with the Turkmens, he died a heroic death.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The sculpture of Bokenbai batyr on a horse is depicted holding a battle banner. The sculpture is installed on five circular stylobates. The total circumference is 41 m. The pedestal is made of reinforced concrete: 8.8 m long, 4.2 m wide. An arch in the style of medieval fortresses was erected behind the monument. The length of the arch is 37 m. The height of the sculpture is 5.98 m. The height of the pedestal is 5.4 m. The height of the two-layer staircase is 2.7 m. The total height is 13.98 m. The height of the arch is 6.6 m. The author of the monument: Zhenis Zhubangosov.