Monument to the classics of Kazakh literature T. Akhtanov and K. Shangytbaev

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 2013

Location: Aktobe city, at public garden close to drama theater named after T. Akhtanov

Historical background: Takhaui Akhtanov (1923-1994) was born in Shetyrgyz village of Shalkar region of Aktobe oblast. The writer was awarded with the title of the People’s Writer of Kazakhstan.

Kuandyk Tulegenovich Shangytbayev (1925-2001) was born in the former Karabutak region of Aktobe oblast. National writer of Kazakhstan.

The anniversary of the writer, drama writer Takhaui Akhtanov, who celebrated his 90th birthday in 2013, was held at the republican level in Aktobe oblast. As part of the anniversary celebration, a unique monument to T. Akhtanov and his companion in life and literature, his poet friend, the outstanding poet K. Shangytbaev, was installed in the city of Aktobe.

Description of monument: The united monument depicts T. Akhtanov, who sits holding a book, with K. Shangytbaev standing next to him. The monument is cast in bronze. The height of the pedestal is 3 meters, and the height of the monument is 3.2 meters.

Sculptor: Zh. Zhubankosov.