Monument to Zhalantos Batyr

Name of the monument: Monument to Zhalantos Batyr.

Typological affiliation: construction of monumental art

Dating of the monument: 2019.

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Aktobe, prospect 312 rifle division, on the territory of the Sapar bus station.

Historical information: Zhalantos batyr Seitkulovich (1576-1656) – Kazakh batyr, statesman, commander. Emir of the city of Samarkand. At the age of 17 he became a biy of the Alimuly clans, at the age of 36 he was already the ruler of Samarkand. In 1640, the Dzungarian Khan Batur, who attacked the Kazakh people and the countries of Central Asia, was defeated by his troops. In 1643, from Samarkand with 20 thousand soldiers, he came to the aid of Khan Zhangir, who was fighting at that time with the Dzungars invading the Semirechye, and defeated the invaders.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The sculpture depicts the image of Zhalantos batyr on a horse, whose right hand holds a mace. The sculpture masterfully depicts the equestrian equipment and weapons of the batyr. The pedestal is built of concrete and faced with granite. The pedestal is 4 m long, 6.5 m wide, 4.15 m high. Bronze sculpture, 5.15 m high. Architect: Imanbaev S. U. Sculptures: Toktar Yermekov, Zhenis Zhubankosov.