Nazar Tami

Name of the monument: Nazar Tami

Typological affiliation: Urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: the end of the 19th century . – the beginning of the twentieth century.

Location of the monument: Irgiz district, 6 km north-west of the village of them. Kirov, left bank of the Uly-Taldyk river

Historical information:

Description and characteristics of the monument: The mausoleum, octagonal in plan, is made of adobe bricks and faced with burnt bricks. The walls are stacked on an insignificant clay pad. Masonry mortar – clay-sandy. Initially, the top of the walls was crowned with a cornice made of 3 bands of bricks: triangular, horizontally laid and curved. Above are two 8-sided star drums with a faceted stepped dome. The chamber is also 8-sided in the plan: there are several constructive and decorative belts, of which two are basic: the tier of tromp belts and the tier of cellular sails (“stalactites”). The surfaces of the interior are plastered with clay-adobe mortar and whitewashed. The walls are decorated with Arabic epigraphy in red paint.

Dimensions: height – 3.95 m; the distance between the opposite outer edges is 4.75 m.