“Otan ana” Monument – obelisk

Name: “Otan ana” Monument – obelisk

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 2015

Location: Aktobe region, Khromtau city, in Central park on Pobeda avenue

Description of monument: This monument is a tribute and to the memory of war veterans and homefront workers from grateful descendants. Monument reflects the whole grief, majesty, valor and bravery of people in challenging times. It is a symbol of love to the Motherland. Monument consists of two parts. First part is a vision of mother, with headscarf, the second part is arch with faceted surface. Height of the sculpture with pedestal is 8,5 meters, height of the pedestal is 2,25 meters, sculpture height is 6,25 meters. Length of the pedestal is  1,3 meters, width is 1,3 meters. Height of the arch located behind the sculpture is 10 meters, length is 3,7 meters, width is 0,6 meters.

Historical note: During the war, in 1941 – 1945 years Aktobe residents demonstrated outstanding example of valor and bravery fighting against fascism as among Red Army so among partisan parties in the fight for Moscow, Stalingrad, Ukraine and Belarus. 35 Aktobe residents were awarded titles of Hero of the Soviet Union, 10 Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory for their valor and bravery.