“Zhalmukhambet ishan” Mosque

Name: “Zhalmukhambet ishan” Mosque

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1904

Location: Aktobe region, Mugalzhar district, 17 km to the south-west of Emba town

Description of monument: Building of the mosque was built in right-angular design, by combination of white and red bricks. The mosque consists of two rooms: there is a tapchan in the entrance room, and the second room was built for praying. Building is fenced with metal hedge along the perimeter. There is 1 door, 1 window and interior arch in the mosque. Moon-shaped patterns are placed on the jetties of four edges of the mosque. Semi-circular window openings painted with red-blue color are placed in the upper part of the dome. Half-moon is installed at the center of the dome. The length of the mosque is – 5,70 meters, width is – 3,5 meters, total height is  – 7.5 meters.

Historical note:, Moldagazy learnt from khazrat in the second half of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX century, during the period of descendant of Zhalmukhambet Baidos who was awarded a rank of Ishan, and in 1904 he built the mosque with permission of Kazan religious center, and he taught children there. Water hole near the mosque was opened and tasted of holy water during the holiness. Reconstruction of “Zhalmukhambet ishan” Mosque was doen in Zhuldyz village, at present it is a holy oracle, the dome of which was erected on the hillside.