Suleimen sawbones grave

Name of the monument: Suleimen sawbones grave

Typological affiliation : Urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: XX century

Location of the monument: Uilsky district, Karatal village

Historical information : The chiropractor Suleimen Karabalauly was born in 1907 in the village of Akmeshit, Kyzylkoginsky district, Atyrau region. His grandfather Kalabay was a saintly person with unique qualities. When Suleimen was one year old, his father Karabala died and he was brought up by his grandfather Kalabay. In 1917, Kalabay died, and the ten-year-old Suleimen followed the traditional folk healing path. At the age of 25, Suleimen successfully mastered healing, and healed people, becoming famous throughout the district. However, S. Karabulauly was subjected to political repression in 1937-1938 and was exiled to Siberia for ten years. In exile, he was sent to the fishing service in Siberian rivers for the fact that he cured the head of the camp from a serious illness.  

After exile in 1947 S. Karabalauly returned to his homeland and worked on the Kaganovich collective farm. Since 1967, he led a group of kolkhoz gardeners. At the same time, he was known as the chiropractor Suleimen to whom people came. People who came to Suleimen Karabalauly for treatment told many different amazing legends about his treatment. One of them, when a man came to him, who broke his legs, he did not touch his hands, he said: “Get up and bring me water in front of that door.” The man who broke his legs got up and brought a bucket of water. In 1970, he died of a lung disease that arose in exile in Siberia. Before the death of the chiropractor Suleimen left a will: “build a house on my grave, where people will come in search of treatment.” Suleimen’s will was fulfilled by his four sons and five daughters, building a house for pilgrims. In 2007, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Suleimen Aulie Karabalauly, the residents of the district built a new house, which creates favorable conditions for pilgrims.

Description and characteristics of the monument : The grave of the sonyksha Suleimen-ata was built of red brick in the usual context. Height of a rectangular burial ground: 3m, length: 4m, width – 2.80 cm. The sole is poured from a frame quarry stone, cemented outside. There are two kulpytas in front of him. In the first kulpytas there are written the clan, name, year of death. Height – 1.50 cm, width – 10 cm. The height of the marble kulpytas installed for the 90th anniversary is 1.20 cm, the width is 5 cm. The pedestal of the kulpytas is fixed with cement. On the left side of the burial ground there is a metal box 1.20 cm high. There are two chairs in front of it. A jida tree grows in the center of the grave. Height approximately -4.5 m.