Mausoleum of the bone master Suleimen Karabalauly

Form of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: 1970

Location: Aktobe oblast, Uil region, in 2 km to the east of  rural district named after Sh. Bersiev

Brief description: The monument is located inside the Kazakh graveyard on the north-eastern outskirts of Karatal village. It is a red brick fence (tortkulak). The walls are plastered and white-washed outside. The long side extends from north-west to south-east.  Long iron bars are fixed at the sides of the walls. The front side is lined with cement block kulpytas and a marble plaque. The dimensions of the fence: length – 3.996 m, width – 2.77 m, height – 2.906 m. There are fences made of adobe bricks around the grave of Suleiman Ata. Kulpytas have been placed at some of these fences.

Legend: Having sensed his death in advance, Ata addressed his relatives: «If I die in the coming year, make my grave a tortkulak. Fifty metres from the graveyard, near a lonely poplar tree, build a oven and a one-room house. Inside, a carpet should be laid and a lamp lighte». To this day, this semi-darkened house is visited by those who honour the saint’s spirit and ask for the cure of illnesses. Even those who cannot conceive a child are granted the fulfilment of their wishes. There are also many stories of his foresight.   Many people treated by Suleiman ata have not forgotten what they went through. The tales of the ata remain in people’s memories forever.